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BRABO GATOR "Greatest Hits Vol. 1"

Image of BRABO GATOR "Greatest Hits Vol. 1"


After thousands of request, we have decided to release "hard copies" for everyone.. We debated for a few weeks on which album it would be.. We couldn't choose so, we decided it best to get on Facebook and let the Fam pick.. We put the idea of a GREATEST HITS album out there, and well.. Y'all blew us away.. Here it is a few months later & all the autographed orders will be shipping on March 1st..

The "GREATEST HITS" will include 20 of the most loved tracks by Brabo Gator.. Please remember, this is "LIMITED EDITION" & and once they are sold out, it will be a while before we offer them again.. We wanna take time and say "THANK YOU" to everyone for the love and support..